“Create Fashion Brand from Knitwear Design” Seminar

12 JAN 2024 @ Shenzhen Garment Industry Association
Knitwear Innovation & Design Society Young Knitwear Designers’ Contest 2024
Knitwear Innovation & Design Society Young Knitwear Designers’ Contest 2024



12 January 2024 (Friday)


2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Shenzhen Garment Industry Association
23/F, Binhai Yun Center, Chegong Temple, Futian District, Shenzhen




Free of Charge


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Contest Secretariat - Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA)

Mr. Jacky Cheng|(852) 2263 6313|

Contest Details

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Time Section
14:00 – 14:15Welcome Remarks
• Mr. Gary Kuang, Secretary General of Shenzhen Garment Industry Association
• Mr. Peter Hui, Vice Chairman of Knitwear Innovation & Design Society
14:15 – 14:45Our Knitwear Passion Story: The Infinity of Cobalt Fashion
• Mr. Tim Kai, Senior Manager – Production Operations, Cobalt Fashion Holding Ltd.
14:45 –15:15The Origin of Knitwear Design
• Ms. Rebecca Yang, Marketing Manager of M.ORO CASHMERE
15:15 – 15:30Networking Break
15:30 – 15:45TIPS for YOU - Young Knitwear Designers’ Contest
• Ms. Annie Yeung, Project Manager of “Young Knitwear Designers’ Contest”
15:45 – 16:15Knitwear Designer’s Sharing: Develop Your Fashion Business in China
• Ms. Leila Lui, Chief Knitwear Designer of HALFROOM
16:15 – 16:30Q & A Session
16:30 – 17:00The Contest’s Onsite Enrolment & Consultation


The co-organizers reserve the right to change the program, content, session, speakers, format, and schedule of the event without prior notice.


Seminar II - Peter Hui
Mr. Peter Hui
Vice Chairman of Knitwear Innovation & Design Society
Mr. Hui has been in the textile and apparel industry for about 23 years and has actively participated in the activities with various associations to promote knitwear fashion design and nurture the local young talents. At the meantime, Mr. Hui has assisted in the development of the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) in the Fashion Industry Training Advisory Committee so as to enable the practical skills and qualifications of practitioners can be well recognized by the industry and the society, and sponsored the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) funding project known as " Precise Controlling System at Assembly Winder", organized by the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) to support the scientific and technological research.
Seminar II - Tim Kai
Mr. Tim Kai
Senior Manager – Production Operations, Cobalt Fashion Holding Ltd.
Seminar II - Rebecca Yang
Ms. Rebecca Yang
Marketing Manager of M.ORO CASHMERE
M.ORO CASHMERE “delivers natural fibers”,致力於傳遞天然纖維,服務於全球可持續時尚高端時裝屋,“the timeless cozy of cashmere” 塑造著舒適奢華的天然時裝之美。M.ORO CASHMERE從有機牧場到紡織染色系統,成為行業可追溯高級天然纖維代表品牌。Rebecca為M.ORO Marketing團隊一員,共同探索全球高端羊絨風尚、流行趨勢新品動態、洞悉國內外區域市場客戶的動態需求;Rebecca從業服裝設計專業學習與工作16年,曾斬獲國內外多項服裝設計賽事獎項,現專注於M.ORO CASHMERE羊絨針織市場主題策劃、策展、流行色與綜合趨勢研究、可持續時尚創意展品開發、獨立設計師聯名設計、校企合作等項目工作。
Seminar II - Leila Lui
Ms. Leila Lui
Chief Knitwear Designer of HALFROOM by Shenzhen DECENT Clothing Co., Ltd.
Leila moved to Hong Kong during middle school and grew up in a diverse environment. Learning visual arts from a young age gave her an excellent sense of fashion aesthetics. Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University major in Knitwear Design and Technology in 2019, obsess over the combination of knitting technology and aesthetics, and proficient in operating hand flat-bed knitting machines, and even the SHIMA, STOLL, domestic computerized knitting machines. Since participating in the KFN Competition by XINAO in 2018 and winning first prize, She received the recognition of numerous judges, audiences, and clients has become an opportunity for her to return to mainland for employment. She has worked for some women's clothing brands that are deeply involved in the knitwear category, and has also founded her personal knitwear brand Woo.LD, rear joined Shenzhen Decent International as the Chief Knitwear Designer. Since entering the industry, she has been addicted to the unique design skills of knitting, committed to exploring more possibilities and creativity in knitted clothing.

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