Crafting Dreams, Defining Rules of Participation

Knitwear Innovation & Design Society Young Knitwear Designers’ Contest 2024
Knitwear Innovation & Design Society Young Knitwear Designers’ Contest 2024


Upgrade the Standard, Unlock Your Potentials

1. Designs must be genuine, self-produced, never been paraded before and no plagiarism is allowed.

2. All submitted entries should fulfil the below criteria:
   • The entry should Include design sketches of ONLY SIX (6) sets of Knitwear Outfits
   • Eash set of outfits must have at least 80% of range being knitting
   • All design sketches must be in A3 size and full colour
   • Design sketches could be prepared by hand drawing or with the aid of computer design apps/software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or others
   • Design Description in WORD format which includes the following:
      ◦ Theme and source of inspiration for your design collection
      ◦ Material selection, number of needles, weave structure, usage of colours
      ◦ The file format for uploading to a cloud storage platform should be in JPG / PNG / PDF format

3. All finalists’ knitwear designs must be produced according to the design sketches submitted the enrolment. The Organiser reserves the right to reject or disqualify the eligibility of the finalist if the final production does not match with the original design.

4. All finalists are required to attend the activities related to the Contest, including but not only the fashion show rehearsals and other marketing events.

5. All finalists are required to work with Hong Kong manufacturers to produce 6 sets of their designed knitwear clothing for showcase at the fashion shows and exhibitions.

6. The Organiser will reserve all rights on the performance and exhibition of the submitted design entries and the corresponding completed knitwear clothings. In addition, The Organiser reserves all copyright of photos and video recordings related to the Contest and all the related activities. The Organiser is entitled to use and generate the photographs and videos in any form without any copyright fees payable to contestants.

7. The Organiser will process and keep all competition products meticulously but is not responsible for any damages or losses.

8. All works and documents submitted will not be returned.

9. The English version of the regulations is for reference only. In case of discrepancies between the provisions of the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

10. The Organiser reserves the right of final decision on any dispute and on the above regulations.